One Grain of Sand Resort

One Grain of Sand Resort and the desert islands across the river, in the middle of the mountain on the east bank of the Hantai River, the river flows from its front, the opposite bank is the vast sand sea, here experience water yoga, water aerobics or participate in swimming competitions. A grain of sand is free and can take you to the past or the future, or to TV or a movie or an island. The breakfast environment here is unique, like in the air above 100 meters, the river is half a circle at the foot, the distance is the world of sand, the pool beside the table is like the air, the sun has just risen in the east, the same height as the people, the desert on the other side also belongs to you, with your own desire to walk.

One Grain of Sand Resort gourmet Campfire Night holiday products

No.Holiday product name
1Local cuisine, Ordos folk performance
2A sand bonfire, indoor pool, lounge
3Ordos wedding and immersive experience
4Desert sightseeing train, sand sea yacht, camel riding, mini tank, children's motorcycle, Bigfoot, sand skiing, amphibious vehicle, all-terrain vehicle