Liansha Resort Island

Liansha Resort Island is a pleasant, healthy, beautiful and happy place. Lotus Resort Hotel on Liansha Resort Island is a green building that does not use brick, tile, sand, stone, cement, and steel bars, and is a pure land in the depths of the soul...

Lotus Resort Hotel ADAPTS to local conditions, integrates the concept of "desert vacation", fully considers the local desert culture, takes various factors into full consideration, and strives to create a highly integrated building with the desert. The interior space is decorated with sand in the desert, granite, which is the same composition as sand, and pine, which is native to the north, aiming to give people the feeling of unity of style and the experience of fully integrating into the desert. In the whole construction process, traditional building materials such as brick and tile are rejected, and carbon emissions are reduced in the most primitive way. It is a low-carbon resort hotel.

Lotus Resort covers an area of 54,000 square meters, with 381 rooms, set up purple lotus, golden lotus, red lotus and other different viewing rooms, to meet the needs of different tourists. Equipped with high-quality sand lotus restaurant, indoor heated swimming pool, coffee shop, music bar, gym, outdoor swimming pool, live CS, basketball machine, table tennis, badminton, billiards, golf swing practice and other facilities, with exclusive children's club, here you can experience children's sand skating, sand painting and other fun activities, evening campfire party, night performance, Fully experience the desert holiday style and enjoy the sojourn life.

Liansha Resort Island One price all the main holiday products

No.Holiday product name
1Indoor children's activity room: slide, ocean ball, etc. (suitable for children around 2-5 years old)
2Dreamland (suitable for people over 5 years old) : Lego bricks, movie screening, console games, VR gaming experience, rainbow bottles, pottery making, DIY crafts
3Chess and card Room (Plum, Orchid, bamboo, Chrysanthemum four rooms)
4Outdoor leisure activities: children's CS, desert cycling, badminton
5Gym (Snooker, table tennis, billiard)
6Outdoor baby Club (Dolphin Fort, Panka football, sand sculpture, Rainbow tree, camel slide, children's rock climbing, swings, etc.), creative sand painting, children's sand skiing (below 1.3m)
7Special desert activities: sunrise on sand sea, stargazing in the desert, morning yoga, hiking and listening to sand
8Evening activities: Free gathering, bonfire party, fireworks display
9Cafe, bar, indoor and outdoor swimming pool
10Wind camp