Hualian tourist resort introduction

Hualien Tourism Resort, located in the center of Inner Mongolia's economic "Golden Triangle" and the eastern end of Kubuqi Desert, is a desert close to the mainland and Beijing in China, and can be described as the leader of the desert.

Hualian Tourist Resort is a comprehensive desert destination integrating sightseeing, leisure and desert vacation. The structure of the resort presents "one heart and three islands", namely, the resort reception center, Liansha Resort Island, Fusha Resort Island and Yilisha Resort three resort islands, with an area of 12.79 square kilometers. In terms of space, the resort is independent of Xiangshawan 5A-level tourist attraction, and the holiday reception center, connection system and sign system in the area have their own system and are well developed. In terms of operation, it adopts the one-price all-inclusive holiday service and holiday butler mode that meet the needs of Chinese holiday tourists. In terms of products, the resort and quality products such as Yue Sha Leisure Island and Xiansha Leisure Island in 5A scenic spots rely on each other, forming a comprehensive desert leisure holiday destination integrating sightseeing experience and leisure vacation as a whole.

Hualian Tourist Resort is located in the northern part of Ordos Plateau. It is a floating dune, mainly composed of crescent dunes and dune chains. The resort straddles both sides of the Hantai River. The left bank of the river channel is a large scale curved sand slope, and the right bank is a hilly terrain of sandstone and sandy yellow ash accumulation. The geological landform in the area is unique. The climate of the resort is temperate continental climate, with four distinct seasons, mild summer, cool season, long eye time and sufficient light. The average temperature in summer is about 21.6°C, which is suitable for vacation. Relying on the unique desert resources, Hualian Tourism Resort has cultivated and created a rich system of leisure and holiday products. It mainly has Lotus Hotel one-price all-inclusive vacation, Kubuqi Desert exploration experience, Ordos wedding immersive performance, Fusha Resort parent-child study, Yurt Roast whole sheep experience, and Yisha Resort food bonfire Night, concentrated in Liansha Resort Island, Fusha Resort Island, Yisha Resort three areas, leisure, vacation, entertainment, accommodation, catering and other holiday functions are fully produced. The holiday products in the three areas have significant differentiation, distinctive characteristics and distinct themes, which match with the types of major holiday resources and form a normal experience.

Hualian Tourist Resort has a complete range of reception facilities, with a total of 1065 rooms. Hualian resort operating model, which mainly relies on Lotus Resort Hotel, has created "family, healing and health" products with Chinese characteristics, desert swimming pool, resort island, resort butler service, bonfire fireworks and other contents to accompany the development of Chinese people's leisure holiday concept, providing holiday guests with unique desert characteristics of happy holiday products.

Main product types of resort

No.Types of vacation productsHoliday product name
1SportsLiansha Gym, Desert cycling, Liansha swimming pool, ski resort
2Health careTraditional Chinese physiotherapy, healing, desert yoga
3Sightseeing tourKubuqi Desert sightseeing, desert sunrise and sunset
4Themed entertainmentDesert riding camel, desert surfing car, desert motorcycle, desert kart, amphibious vehicle, chess room
5Parent-child categoryIndoor children's activity room, Fantasy Park, outdoor baby Club, Lotus VR experience room, children's CS
6noctivagarianFree at home, desert song and dance party, Liansha bar, desert stargazing
7entertainmentThe Wedding, The Legend of Zhang Guo Lao
8Traffic convergenceDesert cableway, desert camel train, Strangle car experience, sand sea yacht, desert train
9Cultural typeCoffee Library, Ordos Cultural experience, Happy Nadam
10Exhibition festival categoryNadam Fair, college student beach volleyball tournament
11Science popularization and researchDesert - Explore the desert by listening to the Sound Sand and Kubuchi on foot
12Honeymoon wedding categoryPhotography Service Room (Wedding trip)
13Industry convergenceSound medicine joy heart Chinese medicine coffee
14accommodationLotus Resort Hotel, Fusa Resort, One Grain of Sand Resort, Chasing Wind Camp

Hualian Tourist Resort Panoramic Guide Map
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