Fusha Resort Island

Fusha Resort Island is the world of Ordos folk culture. People feel the joy of nomads leisurely: from participating in the "Wedding" to the wild buffet barbecue, from shepherdess to the car, from the prairie pool to the Mongolian tent group, as well as shamans, milk food, songs and dances, bonfires and so on. You can lie in a commanding position under the blue sky, close your eyes, chat in the breeze blowing under the yurt, in front of the endless vast... For days and nights...

Fusha Resort Island outside the main style of local architecture, set up 102 different styles of rooms, supporting the cafeteria, outdoor swimming pool, children's play area, in the yurt and local herdsmen dining activities, is a good place to experience the customs of Ordos, family vacation.

Fusha Resort Island family study holiday products

No.Holiday product name
1Training camp: desert fun football game, beach volleyball competition, toe plate running, giant footsteps, tear brand name, pearl travel thousands of miles, stone across the river
2萌Baby Club: Dolphin Fort, billiard, hoop jumping, beanbag throwing, children's zip line, children's sand skiing, handmade sand painting
3Evening activities: Happy evening Nadam, free and free
4Cafe, outdoor pool

Fusha Resort Island desert exploration experience holiday products

No.Holiday product name
1Desert special activities: sand sea sunrise, sand sea stargazing, desert treasure hunting
2Desert healing products: sunset yoga, desert hiking, sand camel bell
3Desert exploration experience: desert animal exploration, desert cableway

Fusha Resort Island yurt roast whole sheep experience holiday products

No.Holiday product name
1Ordos cultural experience: Pastors make tea in the morning and pastors make tea in the afternoon
2Buru (archery field), Suriharibuhu (archery), Ordos dress experience, happy embroidery experience, happy car experience
3Yurt roast whole sheep and immersive song and dance experience
4Herdsmen folk food experience, nomadic theater performance